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Potency test kit for XCT pills, powders & crystals


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MDMA QTest – The world’s first and only test kit for accurately measuring MDMA contents in pills and powders 


Ecstasy (XTC) pills may look the same, but they can vary significantly in their contents. What’s sold as MDMA crystals might be something completely different. There are many examples where substances like MDA or PMA were sold as MDMA. More recently, various synthetic derivatives such as 2C-X compounds or cathinones have been found in both XTC pills and MDMA crystals. This is exactly why we developed the MDMA-QTest, the world’s first scientifically validated do-it-yourself test kit for measuring MDMA concentrations.


With this test, you can easily determine the potency of pills, powders, or crystals in minutes. Results are given as precise milligram amounts of MDMA-HCl. Simply crush one or more pills, and test a small sample to know the exact MDMA concentration of the whole pill or batch. You can easily read the result by comparing your sample with the supplied color scale. The scale fits every pill from weak to very strong and is reliable even for filled and colored pills.



Key Features of Our Test Kit:

  • Rapidly know how strong your MDMA/XTC/Molly is
  • Minimal sample required, user-friendly testing
  • Grind up a whole batch just test a small sample
  • University-validated method
  • The only quantitative MDMA test on the market


Delivered components, what’s inside of the box:

Per box:

  • Pair of protective gloves
  • Detailed instructions in English
  • Evaluation scale with quick-reference guide

Per test:

  • Glass vial with black lid and 2-phase purification
  • Large glass vial with white lid and detection reagent
  • Pipet


Note: This is our Basic MDMA QTest, which means it is only for detecting potency. It cannot tell you if only MDMA is present. Please make sure, that the sample you are testing contains MDMA and not MDA or a mixture of both. There are qualitative test kits for detecting MDMA. You may want to use one of those first. Alternatively, you can also buy our Advanced MDMA QTest (coming soon) which includes two smaller, confirmation tests. That kit will tell you whether you actually have MDMA and also detects counterfeit samples containing amphetamine, methamphetamine, caffeine, MDA (or MDA-MDMA combinations), PMA, PMMA, or 2C-B.


If you want to learn more about our tests, you can find the respective instructions and validation according to pharmaceutical standards as well as customer reviews and frequently asked questions in the menu. If you are interested in larger bulk quantities for testing on a regular basis or would like to include our products in your portfolio as a retailer or distributor simply register in the wholesale area. If you are convinced by our tools and want to spread the word about the QTests in your community, become part of our affiliate program.


Our tests are shipped directly from the US and we offer free shipping for orders over $100 in the US and $150 in Canada. To learn more about our Shipping & Return Policy click hereIf you have any questions about the product, feel free to write to us in the contact form or send us a message on Signal at +1 (509) 870-7678 !






“We are a small, organic, and independent university startup without large venture capital funding. With your order at our webshop, you directly finance our research on new test kits like the Fentanyl QTest and make a direct contribution to harm reduction!   Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to make self-determined decisions with the help of scientifically validated and reliable test kits.

Our QTests have also been used in the first-ever state-funded mobile drug-checking pilot project in Germany for more than 3 years!  The release of our community research project will follow shortly, which will allow you to share your experiences with us and be part of future science.”



MDMA-QTest Instruction Manual


For a quick overview of how to perform a QTest see the Quick Reference Guide (picture above).

Please find the most recent version of the detailed instructions below. A paper version of these instructions is always included with your test kit.




Frequently Asked Questions about the MDMA-QTest


Do I need anything else to perform the test?

Everything you need is included in the box.

To prepare your sample, you only need the following, which you probably already have at home:

  • A milligram scale to weigh out an exact mg amount for the test
  • A small funnel or a creased piece of paper to pour the powder into the extraction vial


How much material do I need for the test?


You only need 50 mg (0.05 g) of your sample to perform the test. It is best to crush a whole pill, mix it well, and then test only 50 mg of this homogenized batch. The result will tell you the potency of the remaining homogenized powder. 

We will give you a calculation example for this:

For example, the evaluation using the color scale indicates a concentration of 16 mg. Your starting material (e.g., a pill) has a total weight of 520 mg, and you have added 0.05 g of the total amount of your pill.

= concentration x (Tablet weight / 50 mg)

= 16 mg x (520 mg / 50 mg)

= 166.4 mg this value will correspond to the potency of the total pill.



Crystals are usually more concentrated than pills, so you only need 30 mg (0.03 g) of your sample to perform the test. It is best to crush a larger amount of crystals, mix it well, and then test only 30 mg of this homogenized batch. The result will tell you the potency of the remaining homogenized powder.


Does the QTest identify MDMA and show me if other compounds are present in my substance?

The Basic Variant of our MDMA-QTest cannot identify MDMA. It may also turn purple when the sample contains MDA or a mixture of MDA & MDMA.  Therefore it’s really important to first verify that your sample only contains MDMA and not MDA. This can be done using classical reagent tests or our advanced MDMA Kit. 


If your substance contains MDMA (and not MDA), the Basic MDMA QTest can measure the MDMA concentration.

The Basic Variant of our MDMA-QTest can also distinguish between different classes of active compounds (2CB, Amphetamines, MDMA/MDA)


What does quantitative test mean and how does the QTest differ from “classic” reagent tests?

Our QTests are more powerful than classic reagent tests. While reagent tests detect the presence of an active ingredient in a substance, our QTests quantify it. This means they determine the concentration of active ingredients in various psychoactive substances such as XCT pills or MDMA crystals.


What is the shelf life of the QTest,  and how should I store it? 

Store the reagents at room temperature (35 - 68 °F) out of direct sunlight for a shelf life of at least 18 months. If possible: it is best to store chemical reagents chilled in the refrigerator. 


Haven't found the answer you’re looking for?

Click here to find more FAQs or contact us via or on Signal at +1 (509) 870-7678


Verification & Testimonials of the MDM QTEST


Compliant with established pharmaceutical testing criteria - Pharmaceutical Validation ICH Q2(R1)



Our QTests were developed by our scientist, Dr. Felix Blei, in the laboratories of the University of Jena in Germany. Our tests are voluntarily validated according to a standardized test procedure based on the pharmaceutical method validation guideline ICH Q2(R1), which we have extended to the QTests.

Do you want to know more? Please take a look at our short validation of the MDMA-QTest


What others say about our QTest:

The functionality and the precision of our QTests have already been tested & validated by a lot of customers and third parties:


Psychedelic Passage compares the results of our rapid tests with laboratory tests from Energy Control International (a long-standing drug-checking program in Spain) for identical samples and comes to convincing results:

  • MDMA Q-Test Result: The at-home test indicated that there are 28 mg of MDMA for every 30 mg of crystal. This can be represented as a ratio: 28 mg MDMA / 30 mg crystals (93% MDMA content)
  • MDMA Lab Test Result: The lab test indicated that 89% of a 50 mg sample of crystals contained MDMA. This means that in a 50 mg sample, 89% (or 0.89) of it is MDMA, and the remaining percentage would be other components.
  • complete Psychedelic Passage QTest review


The QTest where officially validated & approved for the federal drug-checking program ALIVE in the federal state of Thuringa (Germany).


Important Disclaimer


This test is not suitable for the identification of MDMA in substances.

The chemical structure of MDMA and MDA are really close. Therefore you will not see a difference between these compounds in the test results. That's why it is really important, that you first check if your sample only contains MDMA and no MDA. You could use classical reagent tests or our MDMA advanced Kit to test this. If MDA is present in your sample, the quantitative test results are not reliable.


Statistically, the active ingredient content in ecstasy has been increasing in recent decades, while at the same time, fewer admixtures have been detected. However many active ingredients will show no color reaction with the detection reagent. Are there only such ingredients present, you will see no color result. However, the presence of a mixture of such a substance with MDMA is problematic.


MDMA is not uniformly distributed within pills! And even pills which look identically could vary tremendously in their MDMA content. To ensure accuracy, it is essential to test every single pill and homogenize the pill thoroughly by crushing and mixing them for example in a small baggy, before conducting the test.



The testing of a sample with our testkits should not be considered safe. Essential risks are associated with the consumption of any substance. Various factors influence testing outcomes and reactions. Miraculix does not take responsibility for result interpretation. Sample responses can differ due to lighting variations and specific substance blends being tested. The use or misuse of this information is not the responsibility of miraculix.

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